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Nerd No More - A free Online Nickelodeon Game

Got a passion for fashion? Turn these nerds into hunks! The object is to transform Pacific Coast Academy's fashion disasters into serious hotties! You have just a few seconds to memorize of fabulous Fay's makeover. Use your mouse to drag and drop the correct clothes, hairstyles, and accessories onto the nerds before time runs out. Play Nickelodeon Free games

Dance Party - A free Online Nickelodeon Game

During "Watch Me Dance" carefully watch & memorize the order of the flashing green dance icons as Chase performs his method. In the coursework of " Copy My Moves" earn points & groove status by clicking on the dance icons in the right order to match Chase's method. In this nickelodeon games, Pay attention to Groove Meter as you have limited amount of time to make it green to advance to the next level! Keep on your toes. Each new level features a brand spanking new dance move & dance icon. Good Luck. Play Nickelodeon Free games
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